About the Writer

Quinn T. Sental

is probably most known for their humor and signature writing style. They’re currently in New York City, pursuing a degree in Journalism and Psychology, with a bit of Business on the side.

Quinn is a perpetually tired nineteen-year-old Taiwanese student who hopes one day to publish at least three novels. Right now, in pursuit of that dream, they will settle for a blog, a couple of short stories, and a growing pile of manuscripts and drafts.

The Dark Dandelion is more of a personal blog. Quinn knows that having a steady theme and a professional attitude might benefit them more in the long run, but sadly, they have commitment issues. They built this blog as a place to get some of their excess words out, to speak their mind and hopefully entertain some people along the way. You’ll find mostly short casual reads filled with humor and lighthearted existentialism, perfect for a quick read during lunch or a coffee.

Quinn goes by they/them pronouns, and in addition to writing stories, they plan on fighting for a future where people like them—anxious queer kids—can sleep easy.

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And if you don’t know where to start, here’s a personal favorite blog article about brownies and Douglas Adams. It’s a pretty nice read.

Hope to see you around, dear reader.